Nightmare Memory

by starkweather

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tracks from Overmars split.
Deathwish Inc / DW103v and DW103DS
Alerta Antifascista / AA61


released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Starkweather Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

-isolationist music for the disenfranchised individual.
-a disturbance of the inner ear.
-a misanthrope's internal monologue interpreted through primal scream therapy.

1989: inception
1990/91: demos
1992/93: crossbearer
1995: into the wire
2005/06: croatoan
2010: this sheltering night
2011: Overmars split
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Track Name: Armed Memory
Armed memory clasped tight hands scarlet stained Pacing the floor at the end of my tether I'm straining While away hours, countdown days that pass months into years Awaiting that call you're back from the grave like Lazarus it's all the same Beguiling smile wicked inclinations I'll willfully embrace Hands marked for murder lamb to the slaughter Wanton abandon for the taste // Let the right one in She crawls beneath my bed Coiled tight as a spring All soul consuming A desire hungers to be fed The taste only memory A possession to be kept Savored until dying breath Bittersweet reverie // Window of opportunity is closing There is a disturbance A most disconcerting intrusion My work is not yet done Take it back, take it back to square one Where the chase had only yet begun Before claims were made for hearts When senses were razor-honed: sharp // That trinket is a leaden weight Cleave it from your hand Derelict worth as promises made With your mouth full of lies Wordsmithed intent to undermine // Let the right one in A possession to be kept Let the right one in Desire hungers to be fed Let the right one in All soul consuming // All soul consuming
Track Name: Nightmare Factory
There's a storm coming Scent of ozone Hackles bristling Sense cleansing I'm so tired that I've got to keep moving Wrack and ruin The impermanence of body The clarity of memory Time is an unforgiving thing // Silence shaken by a riot of sound Can't clear my head of the din Equilibrium on staggered footing Buoyed on endorphins Garish illumination filling my sight Maniacal laughter that is not mine No accelerated life flashes No white light No rattling the cage Only fever consuming Revenants crowd these hallways Trafficking neural pathways Conversing in chemical trade // Somnambulist with feet of clay Disembodied dislocated Impermanence of being Disassembled in disarray Rent asunder casually Insubstantiate Rent asunder casually As if built to break // tear it down, start again Build: Destroy // The impermanence of being The clarity of memory Oils the gearing to the nightmare factory Cogs, gears, machinery Lock-step coordination I sense something missing Detect a malfunction A dislodged disconnect Diminishing capacity Can no longer suppress Fevers devouring Disembodied Remote viewing Disembodied Remote viewing All pistons misfiring Feel the machine trembling Or is it that the ground is shaking // Disconnected malfunctioning Dislocated malfunctioning // Impermanence of the body