Split with Concealment

by starkweather



Mister Kimberwick lurches spindly limbed
Gangly daddy long-legged gait
Hint of palsy mimicking stop motion
Back bent beneath father time's thumb
He settles at the street corner
Hands knotted around the crook of a cane
Saw tooth grin leering
Baleful gaze of a shark

Head sideways, leaning back facing the sun
Inhaling perfumes as catholic schoolgirls pass
Overwhelmed, swooning delirium ascending toward ecstasy
Oh yes, there once were times
Before the hunt long passed by
Memory unfading, nor desire
Let me tell you what was done

Shuffle backward young and hale
Under own recognizance
Inhabiting desolate places
Nurturing collapse and disrepair
Headspace an unstable foundation
Stone by stone to become undone
By providence of the hand of Cain
Strike it down again and again

See how the light in your eyes shine
Full of wonder grace divine
Body as temple - sacrifice
May death find you with god in mind*

Steal away under mantle of night
Body tremulant visage cinereous
There is a violence in hand
Strike it down again and again
Kingdom of Cain

Hyena's chortle humorless laughter menacing
Waves of nausea wriggling worms in the pit of the stomach
Blue mud rectilinear motion vermiculate through a flawed system
To and fro thoughts careen end over end
No semblance of order
Accelerate decay
Accelerate decay
Luminous flicker a pattern recognition
Impressing the importance of the need to breathe
The need to stay awake

Whistling under breath no song of sorrow no song of regret
An exaltation of ruin's caress
Undermining corrosion in ochre faint scent of blood
Tracing footsteps backward counting by hundreds
Keep composure trussed and trundled 'neath the weigh of a cross
Stone by stone to become one marked by the hand of Cain
There is a violence in hand tumbling over and over again

Lying disassembled rearranged
Unclasps his hands, thoughts venomous
Return stone to earth
Overwhelming unsettled mood
Where to turn
Set out at a measured pace to calm the nerves
Lulled into a state of disconnection

Dreamside traipse across a spider's web
Glint of sunlight washes prismatic
Colors out of step colors out of time
Shifting in place pulse begins to climb
Inhale deeply endeavoring to restore
A state of disconnection
Cold comfort dwindling
An emerging newfound focus
Intent ignited on dread purpose
A hunger, a pent desire
Negative space to fill
Descending spiral
Of two minds converging
Collision course derailing trains of thought
Crashing through the back
Coming to the fore
Unwinding from a serpent's coil
Fast approaching the vanishing point

There is a murder of crows flying overhead
Sigils and signs: portents of the end
Where they fit into the keeping of things
A magpie's fascination with gathering
All baubles that glimmer invitation
Standing shore side imploring invocation
Rise, river rise wash it all away

Swept away beneath a rolling tide
A cleansing came manifest in waves
Turning like lure by silt scourged
Powerless, powerless broken across rocks
Powerless, powerless, powerless

See how the light in your eyes shine
Full of wonder a grace divine
Body as temple sacrifice
May death find you with god in mind*
Underneath the rapid surface
the sussurous whisper of surging sand
Indelibly corrades its chant
Athwart all within its wake

Kingdom of Cain


released March 9, 2018

Personnel: Todd Forkin - guitar / Bill Molchanow - leads / Rennie Resmini - vocals / Harry Rosa - drums / Vince Rosa - bass

Production/Engineer: Alap Momin @ deadverse

Mastering: Nelson Canoa


all rights reserved



Starkweather Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

-isolationist music for the disenfranchised individual.
-a disturbance of the inner ear.
-a misanthrope's internal monologue interpreted through primal scream therapy.

1989: inception
1990/91: demos
1992/93: crossbearer
1995: into the wire
2005/06: croatoan
2010: this sheltering night
2011: Overmars split
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